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Window Tinting Services

Window Tinting Services

Tailored Auto Styling offers window tint utilizing high quality films and precise installation to achieve your desired look and vision. We have Fifty (50) Percent Tint shade that blocks fifty-percent of the available light from reaching the interior of the car. (50) Percent Tint is perfect for blocking heat and ultraviolet radiation keeping the interior temperature of the vehicle as desired. (35) Percent Tint is the maximum shade allowed by the state of Oregon. If you are looking for a standard shade Tailored also offers (20) percent “Factory Tint”. Most vehicles have 15%-25% shade installed by manufactures as your basic shade for most vehicles. If you are looking for the darkest shade to compliment your vision for your vehicle. We offer (5) percent shade also called “Limo Tint”. This shade only allows in 5% of the available light.

Light Tinting Services

Lighting tint for taillights, headlights and corner markers or any lighting equipment on your vehicle is also available for install. If you decide its time for different shade or color Tailored Auto Styling has the ability to remove and install new tint for your desired look.

Full Vehicle Wraps

The benefits of wrap compared to paint is the ease in which a wrap can be customized and installed. Automotive wraps is also a much greener alternative to paint. A wrap is completely reversible using environmentally friendly materials while paint releases harmful contaminants in to the environment. The advancements of both vinyl and adhesive materials allows you to fully cover and protect the original paint and color of your car while integrating your own personality and style. Tailored Auto Styling has the most trusted and creative design and graphics specialists tasked to bring your imagination and vision to life.

Partial Wraps

There are instances and situations where you already love the current color and look of your car.  But you need that extra edge that will elevate your car to the next level of style and personality. Partial Car wraps are available for those who desire to add accents and style to certain parts and areas of your vehicle.

Full Vehicle Wraps
Paint Protection

Paint protection

Investing in paint protection is a must.  Paint protection will last for years and is easily reversible or even completely removed. Paint protection will protect your paint without changing the color of your vehicle.  The invisible barrier will help increase the longevity of your vehicle paint.  It will protect your vehicle from the environmental elements such as heat from the sun and also ice and hail from the cold unforgiving winter weather. Paint protection reduces the damage created by sand, rock chips, scratches and scuffing caused by keys and other harmful objects. Paint protection will lessen the depreciation of your vehicles look if you ever decide to sell and you will not have to repaint.

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