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  • PPF (Paint Protection Film/ Clear Bra)
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Tailored Auto Styling: Where Protection Meets Style

Tired of the same old unpolished paint on your car? Are you looking to make your car stand out from the crowd? Look no further than Tailored Auto Styling’s colored Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Portland.

Our innovative colored PPF in Portland offers unmatched protection and value to the exterior of your vehicle. Made with the highest quality materials, our colored PPF not only protects your paint from scratches, and environmental hazards but also delivers a bold, custom look that will make heads turn to your vehicle!

Choose bright, eye-catching colors to perfectly match your car’s aesthetic. From beautiful and subtle colors to bold colors, our experienced technicians will carefully apply your chosen PPF, ensuring a flawless finish, and a custom Tailored ride for you.

And the best part is that we offer more than just aesthetics - our colored PPF offers unparalleled long-term protection for years to come. Our long-lasting colored PPF creates an invisible weatherproof barrier, protecting your paint from road debris, bug splatters. Say goodbye to unwanted scratches and hello to a showroom-like car with a long-lasting look.

Elevate your driving experience with Tailored Auto Styling’s premium colored PPF in Portland. Contact us today to schedule installation to unlock the true potential of your car’s appearance.

Unparalleled Protection for Your Ride

  • Our colored paint protection film in Portland gives unparalleled protection against scratches and environmental damage.
  • The hard, self-restoration film creates an invisible barrier, giving your car a pristine appearance.
  • Protect your investment and preserve that showroom-clean look for years yet to come.
  • Tailored Auto Styling’s skilled technicians ensure a flawless, smooth installation every time.



Bring Your Ride to Life with Tailored Auto Styling's Vibrant Color Options

At Tailored Auto Styling, we know that your automobile is an extension of your personal style. That’s why we provide colorful, wonderful color alternatives for our premium color paint protection film. From bold and beautiful colors to subtle and sophisticated, our skilled team will work closely with you to discover the proper shade scheme to compliment your vehicle’s specific aesthetic. Elevate the whole experience of your journey and make a long-lasting impact with custom color-matched PPF from Tailored Auto Styling.






Unmatched Benefits and Lasting Brilliance

When you choose Tailored Auto Styling’s colored paint protection film, you’re not just investing in a stylish upgrade – you’re protecting your vehicle’s long-term condition which comes with several colored PPF benefits. Our premium colored PPF not only protects your paint from unsightly scratches, scratches and environmental hazards but also retains a show-car shine for years to come. The thick, self-healing film provides an invisible barrier that keeps your car looking pristine, while our expert installation ensures a flawless, easy finish. Experience the ultimate combination of safety and excellence in Tailored Auto Styling’s colorful PPF in Portland.

When you pick Tailored Auto Styling’s colored paint protection film, you’re no longer simply making an investment in a stylish upgrade – you’re ensuring your automobile’s long-term safety. Our top-rate colored PPF not only protects your paint from ugly, scratches and environmental dangers, but it additionally retains a beautiful shine for years to come. The thick, self-restoration film provides an invisible barrier that continues your automobile searching pristine, whilst our expert setup ensures a perfect, clean finish. Experience the ultimate level of protection and excellence in Tailored Auto Styling’s colored PPF options in Portland.




  •  What Is Colored Paint Protection Film?

    Colored PPF, or Colored Paint Protection Film, is a protective film available in various colours and finishes that is applied to vehicles to protect their paint and enhance their appearance. When applied to the exterior of a vehicle, it creates a long-lasting and protective barrier that protects the paint from scratches, cracks, and other environmental damage. It even delivers stable colors if you go for customization to complement the look of the vehicle.

  • Does Your Colored Paint Protection Film Packages Include Product Warranties?

    Yes, all of our colored PPF applications at Tailored Auto Styling include comprehensive product warranties. Our premium films are backed by manufacturer guarantees, ensuring you may have peace of mind understanding your investment is protected. The unique warranty details will be provided during the consultation process.

  • What Quality of Products Do you Use for Colored PPF?

    At Tailored Auto Styling, we use the best and the highest-quality paint protective film products available on the market. Our films are manufactured by using today's advances in urethane technology, ensuring extraordinary sturdiness, readability, and color vibrancy. We only work with industry-leading corporations known for exceptional work and long-lasting results.

  • What is the Cost of Colored PPF?

    The cost of our colored PPF can vary depending on the size of your automobile, the unique color you've chosen and the area you want to get covered. During your consultation, our team will provide detailed quotes tailor-made for your individual needs. We ensure competitive pricing without compromising on satisfaction and quality of service.

  • What Colours are Available for Colored PPF?

    At Tailored Auto Styling, we offer numerous vibrant shade options for our color paint protective film. From bold and high-impact hues to subtle and complex hues, we have something to match every preference. Our team will work carefully and closely with you to discover the ideal color suit for your automobile.

  • Do you only provide services in Portland or Nearby areas too?

    While our primary location is in Portland, Oregon, we're proud to serve customers throughout the greater Portland metro area and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced technicians is available for colored PPF installation to ensure comfort and accessibility regardless of where you are. Contact us today to fix your appointment to enjoy the Tailored Auto Styling difference.